The legend of the killer in backseat says that in a dark foggy night, a woman was driving home from work alone at night, she was having trouble staying awake, plus she was worry because she was running out of gas. Finally she found a small gas station.

Killer in backsea

When she parks on the gas station, the attendant fills up the tank, when the woman gave him her credit card, she noticed that the attendant looked distracted, when he notices that the lady was calling him to get the card, he takes it, but also says to the woman:

"I'm sorry, but there is something funny about this credit card. Could you please step into the station? To check the numbers of discontinued cards."

She had her doubts, but still she went inside. As soon as she stepped inside, the attendant locked the door and said to the woman: "There is a guy in the backseat with a meat cleaver". Then he called the police and the guy was arrested.

Another version of the killer in backseat legend says that a woman was leaving a party around 2 a.m., but noticed that another car was behind her following her, and it was flashing the lights at her every now and then.

Once she got home, the guy that was following her jumped out of his car, opened the back door of her car and pulls out a man. Then he says to the woman: "I saw a man's head popping out from the backseat and the shape of a knife, I flashed the lights to keep him from killing you".

As in every other urban legends, there are small changes on this legend, some are:

  • The killer is caught holding a knife, or even an ax.
  • On the version where the woman its follow by a car, the guy that saves her its a truck driver or a though-looking man.
  • The killer its an escaped mental patient.

Lately there is word that the killer is a gang member on his initiation, who needs to bring a woman's body part. The bigger the body part is the best prize on the initiation he gets, sometimes they would bring the woman to their gang to be rape.

For the women, this legend should serve as warning to them to check their backseats before get into their car.

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