In the Korean creation myth, the earth and humans existed already, for them, their most treasure creation myth, this one, it's about their own creation and it goes like this:

Korean Creatin Myt

Once upon a time, a heavenly prince, Hwangun looked down to the earth and wanted it for him, and be the ruler of all men. He went to his father, the Ruler of Heaven, Hwanin, he knew that his son would bring happiness to the people in earth, and looking down to earth, chose Mount Taebak as a suitable place for his son to go to earth.

Hwangun arrives beneath a sandalwood tree where he creates a holy city. Along with Hwangun, three heavenly seals came to earth, somewhat mysterious in nature, and 3000 loyal subjects from heaven.

Also, Hwangun brought three ministers, the Earl of Wind, the Master of Rain, and the Master of Clouds, and as soon they came down, Hwangun taught to humans 360 skills, such as medicine and agriculture.

Time passed by and everything was happiness in earth, and one day, a bear and a tiger, looking how happy humans were, desired to become humans. Set the task of shunning sunlight and eating only the food given to them by Hwangun (which were mugwort and 20 cloves of garlic), the bear succeeds in earning Hwangun's approval while the tiger failed, fleeing to the forest.

The bear transformed into a beautiful woman called Ungyo, and becomes the first wife of Hwangun. They both have a son who was named Tangun, the King of Sandalwood. Tangun becomes the first King of Korea calling his country Choson and ruling 1500 years, after this years he went to Taebak-san to become a mountain god.

And this is the Korean Creation Myth.

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