Lakapati, also know ad the Hermaphrodite Deity, her other name is Ikapati. She/he is the Goddess of fertility, Protector of farm animals and crops, she was the one that gave agriculture to mankind. She/ he is the Mother Goddess of the Tagalog, her name means "Giver of Food".


On some myths she/he is married to Mapulon, God of the Seasons and gave birth to Anagolay, the Goddess of Lost Things.

Also in another myths of the Goddess, she/he was the consort of Bathala, who also was hermaphrodite, and that she/he was the one that began the creation, and Bathala finished it:

Bathala and the Hermaphrodite Goddess lived together on the heavens, but Bathala felt that something was empty in his life, feeling this, she decided to create something to make him happy. So she/he took clay and banana blossom to create a ball, and gave it to Bathala.

He was happy working and shaping the ball, creating rivers and mountains, when Bathala finished it, she was so happy for his job, that she put the ball of clay on the sky.

The most common offer for her was to put a plate of rice when there was a full moon around seven in the evening. Or if people needed Lakapati's help with any trouble, they would offer plants and herbs of any kind.

During the early periods of Spanish colonization, this Goddess was used by evangelists as an equivalent for the Holy Spirit.

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