Legendary people.

by Scarlet

Once upon a day there was a lady that says where is my legends? And the little girl says you don't have any legends. Therefore the lady answered back to the girl " Everyone has a legend like you! You're gonna have a legend if you soon grow up." The girl said back that she don't want to be or have a legend in her life forever..

Then one day when the little girl grow up. She realize that she would like to have a legends about her life because she did a lot of good things in the world. Now that she retired. She wanna know if she really have one but she don't have so she shouted and shouted:

"Where is my legend? where is it!", then a lady showed up to her and realize that that is the lady whom she talked before when she was a little girl...Then she cried and realizes what she said to the unlegend lady.Know she is one of the unlegend lady..

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