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Repleh Snatas

Apparently there is a game, that if you write 'Repleh Snatas' backwards on a mirror 6 times in the light of a candle and then blow the candle out, the

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Goddess of Mount Makiling

Maria Makiling is the goddess of mount Makiling..Many people said that maria was very beautiful and very kind to her people who lived in her mountain.

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The Sacred 6

Have you heard of the Legend of the Sacred 6? its an old Legend but a timeless Prophecy. The 6 Primary Aspects of God. Its about 6 Demi Gods sealed to

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The Man in the Glasses

There's an urban legend going around in the Magill campus of University of South Australia, about The Man in the Glasses. There was supposed to be a guy

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The Hands of Death

No one exactly knew about this story except for me. But children and adults mysteriously disappear because of the hands of death. The Hands of Death were

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The Slit-Mouthed Woman

The Slit-Mouthed Woman is an urban legend in Japan. It's about a woman who was the wife of a mentally-ill schizophrenic man. He claimed to heard voices

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Epona Goddess, The myth from the Celtics.

Epona Goddess, the Great Mare myths, plus a collection of legends and myths from around the world.

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