The Leprechaun legends says that he is a fairy on the Irish folklore, which also its linked in the USA to the St. Patrick's Day festivities. The first apparition of a Leprechaun, was on the medieval tale of "Adventures of Fergus, Son of Leti", in one chapter Fergus falls asleep in the sand of the beach, and when he wakes up, finds himself being dragged into the ocean by three Luchorpians. He captures the creatures, and they offer Fergus three wishes if he let them go.

Leprechaun Legends

On the Leprechaun legends, they are usually described as solitary creatures, which their main occupation its to fix or make shoes, putting away all of the coins they receive from this job in a pot of gold hidden in some place that just they know. Leprechauns are really short, no bigger than 24 inches, love to make jokes, mostly practicals.

Another characteristic it's that they are good finding the end of the rainbow (a very tricky thing to do), finding a crack of gold in there. Another theory in how they got their gold, its explain by William Butler Yeats, who says that: "All of their wealth comes from treasure - crocks buried from old wars times (probably from the ones left by Danes or Vikings who invaded Ireland)".

Another interesting thing to told in Leprechaun legends, and affirmed by Colin Chapman its: "Leprechauns are given to excess. Nothing appeals to a Leprechaun like a binge of whiskey Guiness, pipe tobacco and snuff, and despite their small stature, they can handle surprising quantities of alcohol".

We are used to see a Leprechaun with its typical green attire, but do you know that depending on what part of Ireland he lives, it changes his clothing?. Some examples are:

  • The Northern Leprechaun or Logheryman wears a red coat and white breeches, with a broad - brimmed high pointed hat.
  • The Luprigadawne or Tipperay wore an antique slashed jacket of red, white peaks all round and a jockey cap, also has a sword which he uses as a magic wand.
  • The Cluricawne or Monaghan wore a swallowed - talled evening coat of red white green vest, white breeches, black stockings, shinny shoes and a long cone hat without a brim, that also was used as a weapon.

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