The legend about the lion of St Jeronimo says that a long time ago, in a temple located in a village in Veracruz, Mexico, there was a statue of St Jeronimo, who had a lion figure next to it. This lion was believed to be cured by the Saint. Jeronimo took out from the lion's foot a thorn, and from that day on, the lion was always on his side.

St Jeronimos lion

Few people in the village thought that the lion should not be next to St Jeronimo. After some talks and meetings, even the people that liked the idea of the lion figure, felt under the pressure of the rest of the village, and was decided that the lion should be put somewhere else.

After a few days, with no explanation of why, the people in the village started to notice that animals started to die, from dogs to donkeys, and a lion's roar was heard every night, for this reason people started to think that the lion turned into a living animal and it was behind this.

Everyone in the village started to feel uneasy, and afraid of being harmed, so they decided not to go outside of their homes at night, and lock windows and doors. Even the priest that slept for 60 years in the room next to the altar, was able to hear the lion's roar.

Finally, the same people that was against the lion's figure being next to St Jeronimo, were the ones that brought the lion back and put it in the old place , so they won't be eaten by the lion.

Once both St Jeronimo and the lion were together again, no animals were found dead or the lion's roar was heard in the village again, and the Saint was praised like it was before.

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