The legend of the Makahiyasays that a long time ago in a village, it used to live Mang Dondong, his wife Aling Iska and their daughter Maria, who was very loved by her parents. Maria was very obedient, kind and beautiful, but above all very shy, who made her avoid contact with everyone.


Maria had a flowers garden which she used as a sanctuary. All the flowers were beautiful and she used to take good care of them. One fatal day, a band of thieves came to Maria's village, Mang Dondong notice their coming, and running back to his house, took Maria and hid her in the garden, while Aling Iska was praying to God to protect her daughter.

Suddenly the doors were wide open and the bandits ran inside the house, knocking down Mang Dondong and Aling iska. The thieves trashed the house taking all the money and valuables and fled.

As soon Aling Iska woke up, she ran into the garden looking for Maria, but she was not there. She looked everywhere in the house with no luck. Believing that she was taken by the bandits, went back to the garden crying. While she was there, she felt something by her feet. After a while, she noticed a small plant, she knew then that it was Maria, who was transformed in that plant by God to protect her, Aling Iska's tears then transformed in more of those plants as soon as they touch the garden.

Both Mang Dondong and Aling Iska took care of the plant, which just like Maria was shy.

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