The Mayari myths describe her as the Goddess of the Moon, also known as Bulan, daughter of Bathala, the Supreme God and a mortal woman, sister of Tala, Goddess of the Stars and Hanan, deity of the Morning. She was also the most charming of all Goddesses.

Mayari Myth

In some parts of the Philippines was believed that she was the sister of the God of the Sun, Apolaki, and there is also a myth about both of these Gods:

The myth says that when Bathala died, he did not leave a will, and Mayari and Apolaki wanted to rule the Earth. While Apolaki wanted to rule by himself, Mayari wanted equal rights.

And so they started a fight using bamboos clubs. During the fight Apolaki hit Mayari on the face, making her lose one of her eyes. When Apolaki saw what he had done, asked her for forgiveness and agreed that they both should rule together, but at different times, he would do it at day and she would rule at night.

There was also a tradition in honor of Mayari, suitors would gave a corsage of sampaguita to the maiden they were pursuing. If the lady accepted the suitor as her lover, she would wear the corsage. Then on a night of full moon, the new lovers would pledge their love with the moon as witness.

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