The legend of the Mayon volcano says that a long time ago, there used to live a beautiful girl called Darang Magayon, who had many guys after her from various tribes, one of them was Pagtuga, the tribal chief from Iriga, who was also a great hunter. But Darang Magayon was not interested on him.

Mayon Volcano

One day, Darang Magayon was bathing in the Yaw river, and she slipped on the rocks. She did not knew how to swim, but then Panganoron, son of Rajah Karilaya, from the Tagalogs, saved her while he was walking by the river.

After saving her life, Panganoron started to court her, and after some days she finally accepted his proposal, and so Panganoron decided to ask Darang Magayon's father, Rajah Makusong for her hand in matrimony. The father accepted him.

The legend says that when Pagtuga heard of the news he got very angry, so he decided to kidnapped Rajah Makusong and took him to the mountains, then he told everyone that he would release him if Darang Magamon would marry him. Afraid that Pagtuga would hurt her father, she accepted to be his wife.

When Panganon knew about the situation , he asked to his warriors to follow him to the mountains to fight against Panganoron. The battle was fierce. Panganoron killed Pagtuga, but later he was killed by an arrow thrown by one of Pagtuga's warriors. Sadly another arrow pierced Darang Magayon when she was running to the arms of his love, killing her.

After the battle was over, Rajah Makusong dug a grave and laid the bodies of both lovers in it. As days passed by, people who went to the grave to pay respect, saw that the grave was rising, turning into a land form and they started to call it Mayon (short for Mayon).

While some says that the eruptions on the Mayon volcano, are the sings of the love between the lovers. Other says that the spirit of Darang Magayon lives on the volcano, and the spirit of Panganoron lives on the clouds above, and all year long disperse rain to keep the flowers and plants fresh, so it stays beautiful.

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