The number of Mexican legends is enormous, most of them started a long time ago, in the indigenous communities, such as the Aztecs or Mayans. All of their legends were destroyed, or forgotten when Hernan Cortes invaded their lands.

Mexican Legends

The legends changed after the Spaniards came to Mexico, adding new things every time they told the stories, based on the location and the way of telling them. The most well legends take place during La Colonia (Colonial Era).

These legends are a production of reality through the glass of fantasy. In some towns in Mexico, the older people still cherish and tell the legends to the young ones with a lively relish.

The legends from Mexico usually take over people's imagination, making them popular and close to the heart. As every legend from another places around the world, they try to explain unaccounted strange happenings.

Mexico it's one of the countries that are very proud of their heritage and that is why they still try to keep all of their legends safe and still share it to every new generation, specially during reunions or family parties at night, even movies based on their legends have been produce.

Mexico has a very huge variety of legends, they tell us the stories of ghost and monster such as La Llorona (The weeping woman) to places around the towns in Mexico, such El Callejon del Diablo (The Devil's Alley).

Talk about these legends is talk about a magical world and only in it, we can find the answer to strange questions.

But let's not waste more time and lets read these marvelous legends. If you know a legend that would like to share, please feel free to share it with us using the link below.


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