The legend of why the mole lives underground says that there was once a man that was in love with a woman, but he was not loved back. He tried by all means to win her love, but failed every time, growing sad because of this.

Why Mole Lives Undergroun

One day, the man was really sad and in his own mind, that did not pay attention in how the Mole, that was walking by, stared at him. The Mole asked him what was wrong with him. The man told the mole about the woman, when he finished, Mole said:

"Do not worry, I will help you, she will like you and will come and look for you on her free will".

That same night, the Mole burrow underground to the girl's bed, once there, Mole took the girl's heart out and gave it to the man and asked him to swallow it, so she will be drawn to him.

The man did what he was asked by the Mole, and the next morning the girl woke up thinking of him. She had no idea why, but she had to be with him really bad, so she went and look for the man and told him she loved him and wanted to marry him. So they got married.

The magicians were surprised for this marriage, because they knew that the girl didn't like the man a few days ago. After some time, they found out that this was the work of the Mole, who they thought was insignificant and of no importance.

The magicians were so jealous that told the Mole they would kill him, the Mole was so scared that he decided to hid under the ground. And this is why the Mole lives underground and still don't dare to come up again.

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