Long time ago, the Mongolian creation myth says, Father Heaven had two sons, Ulgen Tenger and Erieg Khan, the first one became the lord of the upper world and the second one of the under world. At that time the earth was covered with just water.

Mongolian Creation Myth

One day Ulgen Tenger asked the loon to bring up mud from under the water for him to create some dry land. When he could not do this, was punished by having his legs broken so he would not be able to walk anymore, and the next one to try to create the land was goldeneye duck.

The duck created just a small piece of land just enough for Ulgen to lay on. Seeing that his brother felt asleep, Erleg Khan tried to pull the land down from him, but instead the land stretched out in all directions.

The next task that Ulgen Tenger decided to take, was to create animals and humans using the mud to live in the land. Then he craeted the dog to watch over the new bodies while he was gone. Erleg Khan was not happy at all to see all the new creations, and decided to see the new bodies.

The dog did not let him get any close to the bodies, at first the dog could talk, but had no fur. It was cold and snowing , so Erleg Khan, promised him a beautiful fur coat, the dog agreed and was given a shiny beautiful coat.

Erleg Khan then spat on the new bodies do they would have diseases and could die. When Ulgen returned, noticed that the dog had new fur and that the bodies were damaged, so as punishment made the dog's coat smell bad, took away his voice and made the dog to follow humans to get his food.

And this is the Mongolian Creation Myth.

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