The myths of Ares, the God of War, warfare, courage and righteous indignation say he was the son of Zeus and Hera, it is told that he was born on the city of Thracians. He was a murderous God, having an opposite personality to her half sister, the warrior Goddess Athena, they both were enemies since they were born.

Myths of Are

For his dangerous and savage nature, he was a fierce warrior, becoming the perfect role model for the Spartans, they used to make a sacrifice before each battle in honor of Ares so they could win the fight.

Just like his father Zeus, Ares had various affairs, being the most popular with Hephaestus' wife the Goddess Aphrodite. With her he fathered Deimos, Phobes, Eros, Adrestra, Anteros and probably the most dangerous of all was Cycnus,which was bloodthirsty and tried to build a temple for him with the bones and skulls from the people he killed, but was stopped by Heracles, who killed Cycnus. One of the myths of Ares its when they discovered his affair with Aphrodite:

During one of many sexual encounters , Helios walked into them, but was not discovered, so he went to Hephaestus and told him about his wife's affair. Hephaestus created a net that was almost invisible. When both unfaithful Gods got together again, Hephaestus sprung the net trapping both Gods, then Hephaestus called all the Gods on Olympus so they could see the two lovers, ashamed, Ares fled to Thracians.

Another myths tell that he was the one killed Echidnas' son Ekhidnades, because he was enemy of the Gods. Another one speaks that he was kidnapped by the giants Otus and Ephilates for thirteen months. Eribogam the stepmother of the giants told Hermes about this, then he went and tricked the giants to kill each other, saving this way to the God of War.

He used to travel on a Quadriga (chariot drawn by four gold fire-emitting stallions). The vulture and dog were related to Ares, his sacred city was Thracians,

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