The myths of Hades Greek God of Wealth and the Underworld, also known as the Lord of the Dead, say he is the oldest of the male children that the Titan Cronus and Rhea procreated, as his siblings he was also swallowed by his father, saved later by Zeus.

Myths of Hade

Hades fought the Titans side by side with Zeus and Poseidon, as a thank you for the help, the Cyclops gave him the Helm of Darkness, which made whoever wore invisible. The night before the fight, Hades used the Helm of Darkness and destroy all the weapons that the Titans had.

When the battle was won by the Gods, there was the need to find a way to rule the world, so they all divided by luck the world, Hades keeping the underworld, and he stayed there most of the time, because he was not a welcome visitor in Olympus for his inexorable and terrible nature. He was married to Persephone, he took her to the Underworld to be the Queen of the Shadows.

The myths of Hades describe the underworld (also called Hades) as a place gloomy and misty, guarded by the three headed dog Cerberus. The realm of Hades it is the last destination of mortals, but not mortal could leave once they were there, the only ones that could escape were Heracles, Aethra and Theseus.

Next are some interesting myths of Hades, the God:

Theseus and Pirithus were in love with Helen and Persephone respectively. When Hades knew about this, he invited both along with Aethra (Theseus mother) to the Underworld, pretending hospitality. When everyone sat at the table to eat, snakes appear around their feet to hold them. Heracles knew that Hades had captive to Aethra, Theseus and Pirithus, and went to the underworld to rescue them. He was able to save only Theseus and Aethra, but Pirithus stayed as punishment for seek the wife of a God.

It is said that just once Hades showed some mercy, and it was to Orpheus: Trying to save the soul of his wife Eurydice, Orpheus traveled to the Underworld to speak to the Lord of the Dead itself. He asked for a second chance for his wife, and he got it when he played the most beautiful piece of music to Hades. He left Eurydice go with only one condition, that once Orpheus and his wife were on the way back to the surface, Orpheus should walk in front and never look back to see if Eurydice was behind him. After some distance walked, Orpheus started to doubt of Hades' word and he gave a quick glance back, only to see how Eurydice was pulled back into the Underworld.

Hades used a chariot drawn by four black horses to travel around. His animal was the black sheep, his plants the Narcissus and Cypress, his city Hades (Or the Underworld).

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