In the myths of Hera, describe her as the Goddess of women and marriage, sister of Zeus. He wanted her but she was not interested in him, so one day Zeus turned himself into a disheveled cuckoo, when Hera saw the poor bird, she felt sorry for it and held it, at that moment Zeus took back his real form and rape her, to cover her shame she married him. From this relationship was born: Ares (God of War), Hebe (Goddess of Youth), Eris (Goddess of Discord) and Ileithyia (Goddess of Childbirth).

Myths of Her

Because Zeus was most of the time unfaithful, Hera was always plotting revenge against all the women involved with her husband. He was helped to cover his affair with the help of the Nymph Echo, who used to distract Hera when Zeus left to see his lovers, but when Hera knew this, she punished Echo, cursing her to only speak the words of other people. Some of the things described on the myths of Hera that she did to Zeus' lovers are:

  • Made knots Alcimene's legs when she was pregnant by Zeus so she could not give birth, but Galanthis (Alcimene's maid) fooled the Goddess telling her that her master gave birth already. When baby Heracles was born she knew that Galanthis lied to her and turned her into a weasel.
  • When Zeus got pregnant Leto, Hera forbid her to give birth on "mainland", but Leto found in one of her wanderings a floating island, in there she gave birth to the twins Apollo and Artemis. Another version of this story says that Hera kidnapped Eileithyia (Goddess of Childbirth) so Leto was not able to gave birth, but thanks to the intervention of the Gods, she was released.
  • To Semele, Dionysus mother, it's told that Hera turned herself into Semele's nurse after she gave birth, and persuade her to ask Zeus to show her his true form, when he did, she was killed by the mighty thunder of Zeus.
  • When Hera knew that the Queen of Libya, Lamia was another of Zeus' affairs, she transformed into a monster and then Lamia killed her own children.

The relationship between Hera and Zeus was founded in fights and plots, for example: One time the Gods were feed up with Zeus, and taking advantage of this, Hera talked them into a revolt. Her part was to drug Zeus , and when she did the Gods bound him into the couch. Briaeris helped Zeus undoing all the nods while the Gods were thinking what to do next, Zeus then took his thunderbolt and made the Gods asked in knees for forgiveness. As punishment to Hera, he hung her from the sky with golden chains, that night Zeus could not sleep for all the weeping from Hera and he told her she would be free again if she promised not to rebel ever again, which she agreed.

One more story found on the myths of Hera that gives an example of the strife between Hera and Zeus it's when she knew that Zeus gave birth to Athena without her help, she then gave birth to Hephaestus, but he was ugly and deformed, and she threw him out of Olympus. As revenge for this, Hephaestus gave to her mother a magical throne, but when she sat in it, she could not leave it anymore, but thanks to the help of Dionysus, who convinced Hephaestus to come back to Olympus and free Hera. He did but in exchange of one favor, have as wife Aphrodite, his request was granted, and Hera was able to leave the throne again.

Hera not just hated the lovers of Zeus but also to their children, specially to Heracles:

When Heracles was born, she sent snakes to kill him, but instead he was choking a snake with each hand and playing with them. Another of the myths of Hera and Heracles say that Zeus tricked her to breast feed baby Heracles, but when she found out who was the baby, she pulled him from her breast and all the milk spread on the sky, creating the milky way. At the end Hera and Heracles became friends when she was saved by him when Porphyrion tried to rape her.

The myths of Hera says that the peacock and cow were sacred to her, her city was Argos and the corn was related to her.

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