The myths of Hestia says that she is sister of Zeus, known on Olympus as the Virgin Goddess. She is worshiped as the Goddess of cooking, Hearth and architecture, it was said that in every household the first offering was to be on her name by Zeus command.

Myths of Hestia

She is the oldest of all Olympians, Cronus swallowed her first and was the last to be saved by Zeus, this is why some people refer to her as the oldest-youngest Goddess, her nature was modest and was the most charitable.

She gave her place among the Olympians to Dionysus to stop a confrontation, for this gesture Zeus gave her the keys to Mount Olympus and became the manager of this place. She was in charge of all weapons of the Gods and take care of all the businesses that happened in there. She was wanted by Poseidon and Apollo but she asked Zeus to protect her saying that she wanted to keep her virginity for all eternity.

There are not many myths of Hestia, mostly because she rarely left Olympus in search for adventures, but it is know that she was the one who created the concept of "Sanctuary" to protect everyone in need, and this became something sacred for all of her followers. Another story tells how once someone tried to rape her:

One night she was sleeping and Priapus took a chance and decided to rape her, when he was getting near her bed, a donkey started to bray, waking her up. She screamed when saw Priapus, making him flee in embarrassment.

Unlike other Gods, Hestia didn't have a specific sacred city, but instead was an altar in every city on her name, this altar should be on the open air and with no roof. She is associated with the circle and the sacred flame, which came from the lava that its at the center of the Earth. This was flame was not to be leave to die (an example of this flame its the Olympic flame). Her oracle was at Delphi, but Apollo took it , her sacred animal was the cow.

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