This organ harvest urban legend has been known for a long time now, having some small variations, but for now let me tell you the version that I was told:

Orgna Harvest

In Las Vegas, a few years ago, there was a beautiful young woman that has a sales convention in there. One night she decided to go out and have a drink to a bar. After a couple of minutes that she sat at the bar, a very attractive gentleman sat next to her and offered to buy a drink for her.

The woman accepted the drink and both of them spent the night talking and flirting with each other over drinks, but at some point of the night the woman blacked out.

The next morning, the woman woke up with an agonizing pain in her lower back, and then realized she was naked lying in a bathtub filled with ice. She also noticed a phone next to the bathtub with a note attached to it:

"Call quickly to 911 or you will die".

The woman, scared, called 911 and an ambulance came over and rushed to the hospital, where the poor woman was told by the doctors that she had a major surgery and one of her kidneys was removed, probably by organ harvester, whom sell human organs on the black market

In another version, a couple of beautiful girls went for spring break vacations to Europe, they decided to stay at a cheap hotel and on their first night went to hit the local bars.

Both girls started drinking and a very good looking gay started to hit on one of the girls, trying to be a good friend, the other girl decided to go to the dance floor and dance.

After some hours, the girl stop dancing and decided to join her friend, but she couldn't find her anywhere. She asked the bartender if he saw her friend, and the bartender told her that she got sick and the guy that was with her, took her to her hotel.

The girl got worried about her friend, and decided to go to her hotel and see if she was ok, but when she got into her room, she didn't see her friend on her bed, and thought probably she was throwing up on the bathroom.

When she opened the door, in horror, she found her friend oinside on the bathtub full of ice, with a note saying that she should call an ambulance as soon as possible.

The friend called an ambulance and once they got to the hospital, the doctor said that the poor girl was a victim of the organ harvest black market, and that she was lucky her friend found her just in time, a couple more hours and she could have die.

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