The Origin of Pineapple will give you the answer of why the pineapples have many dots that look like human eyes, please read it and share it with your friends:

Origin of Pineappl

The legend says that a long time ago on a fruit plantation there was a pretty little girl called Pina, who lived with her hard working mother. Pina was a spoiled girl who got everything she wanted, and never did any chores, and just used to play all the time.

Every time Pina's mother asked her to do a chore, she started but stopped halfway and laid it aside for tomorrow, but tomorrow never came, instead she started to play, using excuses for not finish what she was asked to.

Now, there are two versions of the origin of pineapple, one version says that her mother asked her to get some shoes from under the hut. When Pina went down to look for the shoes, she found a doll and started to play with it.

When her mother asked her again for the shoes, Pina replied: "I can't see them!", making her mother upset, so after shouting invectives, she said: "May you grow dozens of eyes!". After saying that Pina was nowhere to be found.

Trying to find Pina, everyone on the fruit plantation looked for her, having no luck. When her mom was losing hope, she was sitting on her backyard crying, when she noticed a very special plant growing in there. She looked closer and noticed that it was covered with eyes, which made her realized that this plant was Pina, who was transformed thanks to her own curse. The the mother called this plant Pinya (pineapple).

The other version of the origin of pineapple says that one day the mother was very sick, and could not do anything, so she asked Pina to cook some rice for her, but when Pina went to the kitchen, she couldn't find the utensils, at some point even stop looking, her mother then yelled at her: "I hope you grow a thousand eyes so you can find whatever I ask you to find!".

After a long time, the mother noticed that Pina never replied and the house was really silent, and she started to cry for her daughter, but only the neighbors were the ones that responded.

After some days passed by, Pina's mother asked everyone on the fruit plantation about her daughter, but no one knew where she was. One day while cleaning the backyard, the mother noticed a fruit of the size of a kid's head that sprung from the ground, and thought it was funny that this fruit had a thousand black eyes.

When she saw it a little bit closer, she that it was Pina, who was transformed for the curse she put on her that day. And so, to honor her memory, the mother decided to take the seeds of the fruit and planted them, and when there was a lot of this fruit, she gave them away to everyone.

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