Osiris Egyptian God was the oldest son of Geb (God of Earth) and Nut (Sky Goddess), he was brother of Set and Nephthys, also brother and husband of Isis, and father of Horus.

Osiris Egyptian Go

He is known as Osiris Egyptian God of afterlife, underworld and dead, Judge of the dead that granted all life, including vegetation of the Nile River, he was also consider Lord of Love and Science.

It was believed during the sixth Dynasty that dead people were judge after death for the wrong doings they did while they lived, this was called "Negative Confessions". The judgment was made by a tribunal of forty two divine judges.

If the deceased lived within the perceptions of Goddess Ma'at (which represented truth and right living) and the moral fitness, they could live on Osiris' kingdom, but if they failed, would be subject of punishment.

Another myth says that when Osiris took the throne from Geb when he abdicated, Egyptians were cannibals, making Osiris disturbed. Therefore he taught them what to eat, how to worship Gods, laws and agriculture. For this he became Osiris Egyptian God of Agriculture as well.

Most myths of Osiris Egyptian God are found as early as the fifth Dynasty, one of them says that Nephthys took the appearance of Isis to try to get pregnant by Set, but instead Osiris got her pregnant thinking was his wife, giving birth later to Anubis.

Another very important Egyptian myth says that Set and the Queen of Ethiopia, along with other seventy-two conspirators created a plan to kill Osiris. Set tricked Osiris to get inside of a box during a party that he threw on Osiris' honor.

When Osiris was inside the box, Set shut it down and sealed it, creating this way the first sarcophagus, and then threw it into the Nile. Isis then went in search of the box, finding it inside the trunk of a tree located inside of a Palace of Byblos, bringing it back to Egypt.

Later Isis used a spell she learned from ra, and brought Osiris back to life just for enough time for him to get her pregnant, later Isis gave birth to Horus. One night Set was hunting and found Osiris' body, upset, he tore the body into fourteen pieces and spread them all over Egypt.

Isis went one more time in look for her husband's body, finding only thirteen pieces, missing only the penis, because it was swallowed by a fish. His body was bandaged together for a burial. The Gods were impress in how devoted Isis was towards her husband, that they revived him to become Osiris Egyptian God of the underworld.

Because of his death and resurrection, Osiris is associated with the flooding and retreating of the Nile, also there was an important festival dedicated to him. It was divided in two phases, one beginning at Abydos on 17th of Athyr (November 13th), on this day the grain was planted to commemorate Osiris' death, and his resurrection was celebrated on Larson 17, when the grain had grew up.

As with other Gods, Osiris was merged with the God of Reincarnation, Ptah-Seker, becoming Ptah-Seker-Osiris. But there was also another way that Osiris was worshiped:

Osiris' Ba (his soul) was worshiped on his own right, specially on the Delta city of Mendes. His soul was called Banebdjedet (also spell Banebded or Banedjed). As Banebdjedet, Osiris was called "Lord of the Sky" and "Life of the Sun God Ra".

His symbols are the crook and flail, his cult center was at Abydos, Busiris and Heliopolis. He is portrayed as a green skinned man with pharaoh's beard mummified, with a crown with two larges ostrich feathers.

When the Christian Era started, the worship of Osiris Egyptian God came to an end.

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