With the Philippine Myths, as with every other countries and cultures, they want to provide explanation to the strange natural occurrences and the origin of beings.

Philippine Myths

Their mythology is very diverse because of the various ethnic groups that live on the many islands.

Before the arrival of the Spaniards and the introduction of Catholicism in the 1500's, all the different groups had their own myths, sharing just some beliefs, like there was a heaven, a hell and a human soul.

An example of the different myths is that for the Tagalogs, their Supreme God was Bathala, while for the Bikolanos, Gueurang was their Supreme God. Another facts, is that like the other old cultures, all these myths were shared in an oral way.

As Catholicism and other religions such like Muslim started to spread and be more popular on the Philippines, the Filipinos started to believe in just one God. But still on these days, some of them believed that some spirits from the myths like Kapre, Duwende and the Manananggal, pervade the islands.

On the islands, the Tagalogs believed that there was a life after death, some rituals were practiced by them, such as bury a dead person with its belongings, because they might need them on their journey to the afterlife.

Some Philippine myths says that the souls of good people go to Maca, which is the equivalent of the Christian paradise. In there they have eternal peace. But like any other religion, there is also a place for the evil.

The Kasanaan, or hell, was the place the ones who deserved punishment were brought. Sitan was the one in charge of this place with the help of other deities, such as Mangangauay, Manisilat, Mankukulam and Huldoban.

One important thing to say about the Filipinos, is that they are very passionate about their myths, and value them, this is their way to give importance and values for what their ancestors had done for their country.

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