The Philippines creation says that the Universe was formed only for the sky at the top, the sea at the bottom, and a beautiful bird who flew non stop. The bird, bored and tired of fly around, thought it would be fun to start a fight between the sky and the sea.

Philippines Creatio

The bird told the sky that the sea was trying to drown her for no reason with his waves, then she told the sea that the sky, with no reason, started to throw stones from above trying to hit her.

Both the sea and sky believed the bird's lies and tried to protect her from each other. The sea attacked the sky with big waves, to defend himself the sky went even higher and started to throw soil to the sea to try to control the waves.

The soil calmed the waves and made the sky lighter. When the waves were no more, the soil became 7,000 beautiful islands. And this is the story of how the Philippines Began.

Another version of the Philippines creation myth, says that at the beginning of time,the first three deities that lived on the universe were Bathala, Amihan better known as the North wind and Aman Sinaya, the Goddess of sea and sky.

The three gods divided the universe, so all three could rule over it, Bathala took the sky, Sea was taken by Aman Sinaya and the realm between was given to Amihan. But differences started to grow between Bathala and Aman Sinaya.

Due to these differences, Bathala and Aman Sinaya alwaysd tried to win over each other, Aman Sinaya sending typhons to the sky while Bathala used his bolts. But when Aman Sinaya sent a big storm to the sky, Bathala tried to stop her sending boulders of mountains to stop her, creating lots of islands.

Amihan was very sad for all of these fights, so in an attempt to stop them, she turn herself into a golden bird and started to fly between the sky and sea going back and forth. With this both realms started to get close to each other, until finally they met. With this action, both Bathala and Aman Sinaya decided not to fight anymore and became friends.

And these are the Legends of the Creation of the Philippines.

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