The Rabbit boy legend says that in the old days, people was really close to the animals, so close that many could speak to them. Also animals were able to transform into people and viceversa, all of this happened while Earth was not finish yet.

Rabbit Bo

Hidden from people's sight, was a rabbit living in a mist, the rabbit was very good-hearted and playful. One day the rabbit decided to go for a walk, when he ran into a clot of blood, it was like a bladder full of red liquid.

Playful as it was, the rabbit started to play with it. The rabbit, while playing with the clot, got into Takuskanskan (Mysterious power of motion, or spirit that resides in anything that moves) without knowing it.

With all the kicking the rabbit gave to the clot, Takuskanskan started to take shape on the blood, forming a small gut. The rabbit kept the kicking, making grow arms and legs to the blob of blood.

As the rabbit kept playing with the blob, eyes and a beating heart formed, finally in this way, the rabbit created a little boy, which was called by the rabbit We-Ota-Wichasha (much blood boy), but he was better known as rabbit boy.

The rabbit took the boy to his house, and him and his wife loved the boy very much, he was dressed up in a buckskin shirt painted in red (a sacred color), and the boy grew up to be a man, always happy with the rabbits.

One day, the rabbit told the boy: "Son, you must know, you are not a rabbit like me, you are a human, we hate to let you leave, but you must go and live with your own people".

The boy went his way, until he came to a village, where he saw a boy like him. Once he walked into the village, everyone noticed his beautiful clothes. Everyone wondered where this boy came from, but no one knew.

In that village, the boy found love, he met a girl, even her family was excited about this. One night, the boy had a dream, in which he was playing and wrestling with the Sun, always winning.

But not everyone was happy with the relationship between the girl and the boy, the Wicked Spider Man, witch doctor and prankster, Iktome, because he wanted the girl for himself. So he started to say bad things about the poor boy, even he offered to use his magic hoop over the boy, to make him weak.

A bunch of jealous boys, started to fight against the boy, Iktome threw the hoop over the boy, having no effect on him, but still he pretended to be helpless, after this, the boys tied Rabbit Boy to a tree.

Spider Man told the boys to cut the boy up, the boy just asked before being kill, to sing his death song before:

"Friends, friends
I have fought the Sun
He tried to burn me up
But he could not do it
Even battling the Sun,
I held my own."

After he finished his song, the villagers cut Rabbit Boy in chunks and made a soup pot with them, but when they were cooking him, a big dark cloud hid the sun, leaving everyone in darkness. When the cloud disappeared, all of the chunks went missing. Some people kept saying they saw how the chunks got together, forming Rabbit Boy's body again.

The Wise Old man in the village spoke: "Rabbit Boy is powerful indeed,he will be back with the power of the Sun in his hands, let's marry him with the girl".

Iktome was more jealous than before and told to the villagers: "I am more powerful than Rabbit Boy, tie me up and cut me up!". Believing that the song had magical powers, he tried to remember it,but the sang the song wrong:

"Friends, friends
I have fought the moon,
She tried to fight,
But I won.
Even battling the moon
I came out on top."

After he finished the song, he wasa cut up, but he never came up again, outsmarting himself.

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