Rabbit Man

by Minx Sherwin
(Unicoi, Tennessee - USA)

Be Aware of Rabbit Man on Halloween night

Be Aware of Rabbit Man on Halloween night

The story goes that back in 1932, a man by the name of George Sherwin lived in a small cabin, in the mountains of Tennessee.

George had a fascination of rabbits and bunnies, and they always were around his cabin, where he would feed them. One night, October 7, the state came to tell him that they were afraid of the health hazards that were involved with keeping his rabbits.

Days later, on Halloween night, there were teenagers fooling around by his home. Legend says, he brought them in, and fed them candy. The candy was later found out to be rabbits.

George had a small well, a hole, in his backyard, and took the kids and drowned them one at a time. After that, he shoved a railroad spike through their chest, seemingly killing them. He would dispose of the bodies later on.

After he died, in the 1950's, they said he changed, came back to life, as Rabbit Man. This was a creature that was very tall and wide. The story goes, that on Halloween night, if you go into the Unicoi woods, you will finds Rabbit Man, sharpening his spikes, waiting on you to visit him.

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