The legend of the San Antonio railroad tracks ghosts say that in their regular route home after a school day, a school bus full with children was crossing over the railroad tracks (Located in these days behind the Espada Park), when the bus stopped in the tracks.

San Antonio Railroad Tracks Ghosts

The driver struggle to make the bus work, the train alarm started to sound and the children saw how a train was coming their way. When the bus driver tried to open the doors and get off all the children from the bus was too late and every one of them including the driver died when the train hit them.

After a few years later, a man was driving the same road and his car stalled in the same way as the school bus did, and the same thing happened again; the driver struggle to make his car work when the alarm went off, just before the impact the man closed his eyes shut waiting for the hit. Suddenly his car started to be pushed away from the railroad by something unknown to him, leaving it inches away from the train passing by.

If you want to see that this is true, go to this railroad tracks, sprinkle some baby powder on the bumper, turn off your car but leave it in neutral and the children that died in that terrible accident years ago will push your car off the tracks. You will see small hand prints in the powder of the small ghosts from the tracks.

And this is the Legend of the San Antonio Railroad Ghosts.

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