Tell Scary Halloween stories is the perfect activity with friends and scare them for life, just like the ones you are about to read.

Scary Halloween Storie

If you want to scare you friends with scary stories, here are some tips that will make your friends jump out of their seats:

  • Every country has their own scary Halloween stories that are related to local ghosts or haunted places. Remember that stories that related to places that people knows make them more scary.
  • You can include classic horror stories such as tales from Mary Roberts Beinhart or Edgar Allan Poe, to name a couple, their stories never are out of time.
  • Set the mood for a good scare, for example, if there is a full moon, go outside and create a bonfire, or in a dark room, use candlelight,or go to an old house to a dimly room.
  • With this helpful tips and the scary Halloween stories that you will tell, all of your friends will have spine tingling chills Nor please pick any story you like from the drop down menu, or just read all of them!!!.

A girl was celebrating her 8th birthday, and as a present from her parents, she got a beautiful china doll, the girl decided to call her Sam. After a few days, the little girl was playing with the doll, until her mom called her to bed, the girl ut the doll on the basement and went to sleep.

Around midnight, the little girl woke up because she heard noises. Then she heard a voice chanting: "China doll, china doll, in the basement, china doll, china doll,in the stairs, china doll, china doll in your parent's room, now they're dead!".

After this, the little went back to sleep,a little scare. The next morning she went to see her parents into their room, and found them dead. She cried all da while her oldest brother was planning the funeral, falling asleep early that night.

That night the girl heard again the chanting: "China doll, china doll in the basement,china doll, china doll on the stairs, china doll, china doll in your parents room, china doll china doll in your brother's room now he is dead". The girl fell into a troubling sleep after.

In the morning, the girl went to see his brother, and found him dead. She spent all day inside of her room, not going out at all,and finally felt asleep that night.

Again, she heard that voice and chanting: "China doll, china doll in the basement, china doll, china doll on the stairs, china doll, china doll in your parent's room, china doll, china doll in your brother's room, china doll,china doll in you room". The girl woke up and saw the china doll standing next to her bed."Now you are dead!".

The next day, the police showed up, and found no sign of murder. All they heard was chuckling far away, the chuckle of a brown eyes china doll,waiting for the next victim.


A couple was invited to a Halloween party, so they hired a teenager named Maria to babysit their 8 month-old baby. After some time the baby felt asleep and Maria went to the master bedroom to watch tv.

When she was watching tv, she noticed on the corner of the room a creepy clown statue, she got a sheet from the closet and covered it. Then she went to lay in bed again, falling asleep.

After some time, she woke up because she heard a "thump", thinking that something felt off the shelf, she felt asleep again. Then the phone rang, she went downstairs to pick up, but all she heard was a heavy breathing.

"Probably are my friends playing a joke on me" she thought, and hung up, when she was heading upstairs, the phone rang again. This time she answered "You guys stop it". But a male scratchy voice replied: "I'm closer than you think".

Scared, she ran upstairs and hid under the bed. Few minutes passed by and she heard another "thump", but was louder and the phone started to ring again. She went again to pick up the phone. She answered: "Just leave me alone", but the voice said: "I'm warning the police".

Maria ran again upstairs and hid again under the bed. When she heard the loudest "thump", she decided to check on the baby, but when she was getting out from under the bed...SLASH!, the clown chopped her head off. Her scream was so nerve breaking, that when the neighbors heard it, they called the police.

When the police arrived, they didn't find anything downstairs, so they went upstairs, finding all doors open but the masters bedroom's. When they opened it, they found a strangled baby and the headless body of Maria, and on a corner, a chair with Maria's head on it with a butcher knife next to it and a note saying:

"I warned you guys, didn't I?".

Turns out the clown was a killer that escaped from prison that night.


On a Halloween night,a group of girls decided to have a slumber party, to start the party, one of the girls decided to tell ghosts stories. She said that the old man that was buried the last week on the graveyard located a couple of blocks down the street, was buried alive, and that at night you still could hear how he scratches the coffin.

None of the other girls believed her story, and told her that she would not dare to go and see if that was true that same night. They continued to challenge her until she gave into the pressure and accepted the challenge.

Since she was suppose to be alone, so the girls asked her a proof that she went there, so they told her that she should take a stake and stick it into the ground, so the next day the girls would know that she in fact,went to the grave.

The girl went out of the house with stake in hand, but she never came back to the house. The rest of the girls thought she got afraid and just went straight to her home.

The next morning, all the girls passed by the graveyard, and saw the old man's grave .The girl accidentally stalked her nightshirt to the ground and when she wanted to run, she couldn't dying of fright that night in the grave.



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