An old lady used to live alone in a cabin up in the mountains since her husband died, having as an only companion her dog. They both shared a big love to each other, the dog had a special way to show its love to the old lady, every night that she used to go to bed, the dog would lick her hand.

One night, the lady went to bed and the dog licked her hand. Later in the middle of the night, she woke up because she thought heard her dog whimpering. Trying to comfort it, she put her hand out of the bed, and felt how the dog gently licked her hand, feeling that was enough to calm the dog down, she went to sleep one more time.

For a second time, the dog woke the old lady with its whimpering, so she stuck her hand one more time and then felt asleep. But then again for the third time that night, the lady woke up for the sound, and again, to comfort the dog, place her hand out of the bed, again her hand was licked. She stayed awake for a couple of minutes after the whimpering stopped, and went to sleep.

The old lady woke up early in the morning, and as always she put her hand out of the bed, so the dog could lick it, but the dog did not come. She thought that probably the dog was outside and she decided was time for her to get up from bed, but then she heard a drip... drip... drip, she thought it was the sink faucet in the kitchen, so she walked to close it, but that was not.

She then went to the bathroom to take a shower, but as she approached to the shower, the drip sound got louder and louder. When she turned and looked the bathtub, she screamed in terror, because there, hanging from the tail, was her loving dog with its blood still dripping in the bathtub, then she started to cry and turned around and looked at the mirror.

In the mirror, she could she her dog hanging and on the mirror, written with a finger, using the blood of the dog, with drips and streaks coming down from each letter: HUMANS CAN LICK TOO!.



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