The legend of why sea became salty says that a long time ago, there was a giant that used to live in one of the islands next to the nice people, this giant was very generous and always gave them salt to prepare very tasty meals.

Sea became salt

One day, the ocean was very agitated and the people could not go to the giant's island for some salt, the days passed by and the sea was still very rough, eventually they ran out of salt for their food and started to find a way to go and get it. A child gave them the idea to ask the gentle giant to stretch one of his legs so they could cross the ocean and get the salt they needed.

The giant accepted the idea, but when he stretched his leg, he didn't notice that landed on an anthill. This made the ants furious and started to bite the poor giant's leg, the giant, in pain, asked the people to hurry.

As soon as the people made it to the other side, the giant gave them sacks full of salt. When they were done the giant stretched his leg one more time, landing, again on the anthill.

The giant in more pain than before, begged to the people to hurry because the ants were biting him again, but the sacks were so heavy that slowed down the people. Sadly before the people were able to reach their own village, the giant in a scream of pain moved his leg to the ocean so the ants won't bite him anymore, throwing the people and the sacks of salt in it.

The giant saw the people drowning and in a quick move save them, but the salt melted in the ocean, that at that time didn't have any taste, making it salty.

And this is the Legend of how the sea has the salty taste.

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