One of the Son of Light legends say that a long time ago, there was a terrible monster call Man-Eagle who had sharp talons, which used to take women, take them to his home above the clouds, where he abused them for four nights before eat them.

Son of Light Kills a Monste

One of the women that was stolen was the wife of Son of Light. When he knew about this, he went in look for her. While he was on Man-Eagle's trail, he met Spider Woman, Mole and the Pinon Maidens, that were dressed in grass and pinon bark.

The spirits asked where he was going, and the hopi warrior replied that he was on his way to rescue his wife from Man-Eagle. The Spider Woman felt sorry for him and offer him help. She asked the Pinon Maidens to make a copy of Man-Eagle's flint arrowhead shirt using pinon resin.

When the shirt was ready, Spider Woman sprinkled sacred corn pollen over it, then turn herself into a tiny spider and crwal up on the right ear of Son of Light, so she could advice him in case of any trouble.

Next Mole burrowed a passage that let Son of Light and Spider Woman reach the top of the mountain without being seen, but still was a long way to Man-Eagle's home, Spider Woman then called birds to help them out.

Eagle was the first to come, our hero, Spider Woman and Mole got on its back and flew higher and higher until Eagle got tired. Then Spider Woman called Gray Hawk, but when it got tired, they jump on the Red Hawk's back, the best flier of all.

The Red Hawk, going through a hole in the clouds, was able to reach Man-Eagle's house. In there Son of Light, Spider Woman and Mole got down and walked up to the house, but they noticed that the entrance ladder had sharp obsidian knives.

Spider Woman had an idea, and told Son of Light to get Sumic Berries and give them to a Horned Toad that was nearby. The Toad chewed the berries into a gooey paste, which spit into the warrior's hand.

Spider Woman told Son of Light to smear the paste on the edges of the rungs, making them blunt, making possible for him, along with Spider Woman still on his ear and Mole hidden on his hair, to climb the stairs, getting inside of the house.

As soon as they walked in, the warrior saw Man-Eagle's magic shirt hanging, quickly he wore it and left the fake shirt on the same place where the original was. After this he went to the second room, founding his wife in there with her hands tied up.

Spider Woman used a "hear nothing" charm to prevent that Man-Eagle would hear them. Finally Son of Light was able to free her wife, but in that moment, Man-Eagle, who was asleep in the other room, woke up, put his shirt on and went to the room in which he had his prisoner, but instead he saw Son of Light.

When Man-Eagle asked him what he was doing in there, he replied that he came to save his wife. Man-Eagle told him he would let them go, only if he could win a smoking contest. The monster brought out a big pipe of the size of a man filled with tobacco.

The monster explained that whoever gets wear first and faint from smoking would win, but he didn't told him that the tobacco was poisonous, and could stunt a man, but had no effect on the monster.

But while the monster was explaining the contest, Mole was digging a hole underneath the spot in which the warrior was sitting making a tunnel down through the earth to outside of the house.

The monster and man puffed away, the smoke passed through our hero and the hole, going outside. Both kept smoking until Man-Eater got dizzy from his own tobacco and had to step outside, losing the contest.

But the monster wasn't done yet, and brought two huge elk antleos, saying that it was part of the second contest. The monster gave to the man the one that was made of stone, and kept the one made of wood for him. But Spider Woman, as quick as a flash changed the two elks antlers without the monster knowing it.

Our hero broke his elk antler very easily, but the monster couldn't do it, wondering know was this possible. After his second fail attempt to win, the monster told Son of Light to follow him outside of the house, where the third contest would be celebrated.

They walked to two pine trees, Man -Eagle told the human to pick one and he would take the other one and whoever were capable to pull the tree up by the roots would win. Again the Mole burrowed underneath the tree of our hero and cut through all the roots, making the tree to be up easily.

Man-Eagle was confused, but still he wasn't done with the challenges, the monster brought all kinds of meats and dippers full of food and made two mountains. Then he told to SOn of Light that whoever finish their food would win.

Mole dug a hole again underneath out hero, as soon as he emptied a plate, the food went through the whole to some other place, making easy for him to win again. But the monster had other plans.

Man-Eagle made two piles of dry wood and asked the human to sit on one of them and told him that it was the last contest, that whoever could withstand a fire would win. Both of them sat on the piles and were set on fire by the woman.

Since Son of Light was wearing the real magic shirt, he was protected from the flames, unlike the monster, who got in flames pretty quick, leaving just ashes on the spot in which was the monster.

The Spider Woman gave medicine to the warrior to spat over the ashes, Man-Eagle arose, transformed into a good looking man. Spider Woman then asked to Eagle-turned-into-man if he learned not to do evil, he replied that he did, and would never do evil again.

Finally our hero was able to claim his wife and everyone got on the back of the Hawk, that took everyone safely back to their homes.

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