The St Patrick Day celebration is not just held in Ireland, but in other countries around the world, the cities with the biggest celebration are New York, Dublin and Birmingham. Usually the festivities consist on parades, dances, cultural events and lots of alcohol. Now lets see how the St Patrick Day celebration is on some countries.

St Patrick Day Celebratio

In Ireland, St Patrick Day is celebrated since the ninth century, but it was not until 1903 that became a public holiday. On this day the Irish people used to drink a lot and it got out of control, for this reason on 1931 a law came saying that all pubs and bars should be closed on St Patrick Day, but the law was repealed on 1970.

During the 1990's, Ireland decided to use the St Patrick Day celebration to show the world the Irish culture, and with this in mind they organized a festival in Dublin on March 17th, 1996. the festival was such a hit, that by 1997 it became a three-day event, and in 2000 was a four-day festival, and on 2007 the celebration lasted five days.

The second biggest celebrations on Ireland happen on the town of Downpatrick, where is buried St Patrick's body, the celebrations include a parade that has as main point the Cathedral of St Patrick.

On the United States, the first St Patrick Day celebration was in Boston on March 18th, 1737. Gral. Washington had a lot of Irishmen on his troops. The celebrations were sponsors by groups such as The Charitable Irish Society, the Friendly Son of St Patrick and the Ancient Order From Boston, from here the celebrations spread to other cities.

By 1870, the Irishmen that settle in Los Angeles, created the group of St Patrick's Benevolent Society, which helped with the celebrations in honor of St Patrick, like parades and the Masses. In modern days, St Patrick Day is one of the most important celebrations in United States, also one of the busiest days for restaurants and bars because of the large amount of alcohol consumed.

One tradition in this day, it is to wear something green, regardless of your ethnic background, otherwise people will pinch you. Following the "wear green" tradition, (based on the color of the Shamrock that St Patrick used as symbol of the Holy Trinity), some cities like Seattle, Indianapolis and Chicago dye their main river, main canal or fountains color green.

The city in the United States with the most elaborated celebrations its New York. They have the biggest parade in the world, that includes live bands, soldiers and police force. The central point of this parade is the St Patrick Cathedral on Fifth Ave.

There are some other celebrations around the world in honor of St Patrick, but they are not as big as the ones in New York or Ireland. For example, in Argentina all celebrations are at night in pre designated streets, where people its allowed to dance and drink only beer. In Canada the citi of Montreal held a parade while on the island of Monserrat (or the "Emerald Island of the Caribbean"), St Patrick Day its a public holiday.

On Great Britain the Queen Mother gives bowls full of Shamrock brought from Ireland to the Irish guards, who wear them on this day. In the city of Brimingham its held the third biggest parade in the world, while in London another parade its celebrated on the Trafalgar Square. In Liverpool its organized a festival that offers cultural events, while the festival at Manchester last two weeks, having as main attraction the Irish Market.

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