The legend of Stone boy says that back in the old days, a maiden used to live with her 5 brothers. In those days, everyone had to look for their own food. For this reason , the brothers went hunting while the sister stayed creating clothes and cooking.

Stone Boy Legend

One day, the siblings decided to move to the bottom of a silent canyon, where hunting was really good and they were protected from the weather. The canyon was really quiet, and often the girl thought there were footsteps, but never could see anything.

Like every day, the brothers went to get some food, but that day, only 4 brothers came back. The rest of the siblings stayed awake all night waiting for the lost brother. The next day, the brothers went to hunt again, and again one was lost. The next evening 2 of the brothers came back, making the girl and her brothers feel uneasy.

And again, the last 2 brothers went to the canyon to hunt, but that evening only one, the youngest returned. the girl begged to the last brother not to go hunting anymore, and the brother replied: "Sorry, but we have to eat". So, the next morning, the brother went out, and sadly he did not come back, leaving the poor girl on her own.

The girl left the canyon, crying and went to the top of a hill with a burning wish to die, but she had no idea of how, then she saw a small pebble. She thought that maybe if she swallowed it, it would kill her, and so she did it.

The maiden felt such peace, that she decided to go back to the tipi. She was drinking some water, when she felt something within her, as if the rock that she just swallowed was telling her not to be worry, making her feel relax and comforted.

In the next day, the girl noticed she only had berries to eat, and a little of water, but she didn't care, because she wasn't hungry at all, also she was in a good mood, like she hasn't been in a long time.

Four days passed since the last brother left, when she started to feel pain. She thought that she was about to die, but that didn't happen, instead she gave birth to a boy.

The girl had no idea what to do with the baby, or where he came from. Finally she realized that probably it must have been that the boy came from the stone she swallowed.

The boy had big shinny eyes and was very strong, even tho the girl felt week and lonely, she knew she would have to be strong for her new son, who she named Iya Hokshi, and using the brother's clothing, she wrapped him in. Every day the boy grew 10 times faster than a regular boy, and had a more perfect body.

The girl one day saw that the boy was making his own bow and arrows, noticing the flint arrowhead. She thought that the boy knew he came from a stone and for this it was easier for him how to work the rock.

Stone boy was able to walk within days of born, and his hair grew faster as the rest of the people. The maiden cried every night, afraid that her own son, one day, as her brothers, would disappear.

Once the boy was big enough, he decided to go hunting, but tried to calm his mother first, who was crying.

The mother told that he used to have 5 uncles, and when they went hunting, disappear one by one. She also told how she went to the hill and ate that pebble, and how she felt something inside her.

"I know Mother", the boy replied, "I will come back with my uncles, stay here and don't worry about me".

And Iyan Hokshi started his journey in search for is uncles. He wandered and wandered, finally in the 4th day he felt the smell of smoke, he followed it and found a tipi, with smoke coming from it.

Inside the tipi, was an old woman. When she saw Iyan Hokshi, she invited him inside to spend the night. The boy looked around and noticed 5 bundles, leaning against the wall, and started to wonder.

Both Stone boy and the old woman ate some awful tasty meat, and then went to sleep, but he didn't sleep, feeling danger. Later that night the old woman complained of back pain, and asked Iyan Hokshi to walk up and down her back, to see if the pain would go away.

When she lay down, Stone boy started to walk on her back, and he noticed something sharp, in the shape of a knife, right under her buckskin. The boy thought then that maybe she used it to kill his uncles, or put poison snake in it.

Iyan Hokshi jumped as high as possible and landed on the old woman's back, crashing it, he did this a few more time, until the woman died.

The boy went to the bundles and unwrapped them, finding inside the dead bodies of 5 men, dried as jerky, and the boy knew that they were his uncles. But how bring them back to life?.

Stone boy went outside the tipi, and saw gray rocks. He was surprised when he realized that the rocks were talking to him, and he understood, when one of the rocks said:

"Stone Boy, you are one of our own kind, you come from Tunka, now listen and pay attention".

The boy followed the rock's instructions, he made a hut using willow sticks, and covered it with buffalo robes that he found on the old woman's tipi. Inside the hut, the boy put the dried bodies. Next he made a big fire and threw the old woman's body in it, among the rocks.

Using a deer antler, Stone Boy brought inside the hut the rocks, once they were red hot. Then the boy filled up with water the old woman's water bag and went inside the hut.

Iyan Hokshi closed the hut's entrance with the buffalo robes and pour the water on the hot rocks, while he was doing this, he thanked the rocks, and went outside after doing this.

He did this 4 times, every time feeling funny inside him, every time feeling happier and a wish of sing and dance, and thought to himself that maybe his uncles would be alive, and decided to open the hut.

When he opened the hut, through the mist and the bonfire, he could see the 5 young men sitting. He smiled and asked them if they were his uncles, the men laughed. The boy then told them how the rock save them, telling him what to do.

And even in these days, rocks, water and fire are sacred, as they purify us, it was given to us so we can live, and be a tribe.

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