The story of St Patrick says that his day it's celebrated on March 17th, by Irish or Irish descents, this day it's when St Patrick died, but who was St Patrick? Well let me tell you about the story of St Patrick.

Story of St Patric

St Patrick was born in the year 387 in Kilkpatrick, Scotland, and his real name was Macwyn. At the age of sixteen he was captured by Irish Mauders (but some historians disagree and believed that was British guards) and was made slave on Irish, having a Druid Chief as master.

The story of St Patrick says that one day he heard a voice that said to him: "Behold, a ship is ready for thee". This voice and the message made him take the decision to escape. He made it to the west coast of Ireland, where he found a ship that took him back to his home in Scotland. Once in there, at the age of twenty two, he decided to enter to the Monastery of St Martin, located in Tours, France. He studied there for eighteen years, becoming a priest and later a Bishop.

In the year of 432, the Pope Celestine I changed Macwyn's name to Patricius and sent him on a mission to Ireland. As soon as he arrived, the Druids Priests felt he was invading their country with his Christian ideas and started to throw stones at him. Patrick managed to escape and found his way to his old Master's home. Once in there he paid his freedom and baptized in Christian belief to his old Master and his family.

Patrick's mission was not easy task, he had to overcome various obstacles, sometimes trying to save his life, he had to fight the Druids with weapons or even cursed their lands. Also was told that Patrick had a drummer that announced his coming, and this was very appealing to Irish people.

Patrick not only defied the Druids but to the King at Tara itself. The King commanded that all lights should be extinguished until a signal from the castle was given, this was to let Patrick know that he was not welcome. But this did not stop Patrick, who lighted a fire, proclaiming that a new light had come: "The Light Of Christ's Gospel".

While trying to convert the people that lived in Wicklow, to explain the "Trinity in Unity", he grabbed a Shamrock (A three-leaved plant used by Druids to cure diseases), he explained that each leaf represented the members of the Trinity and the stem was like Godhead, and of the three-in-one.

Another legends found about St Patrick are: He revived dead people, including his own father, that demons took the shapes of vultures and surrounded him, but when he started to pray, the demons died on a sea nearby. Also on a cold day, he was in one of his many travels along with some of his friends, they could not find something to start a fire, so he made a heap of snow and when he breathed on it, made a blaze sprang.

Another story of St Patrick that is popular says that he drove the poisonous snakes from Ireland using sticks and his drum, and that he even made the land fatal for the serpents. It is said that one day he struck his drum too hard and made a hole on it, and at that moment appeared and fixed it.

When he died on March 17, 493, thousands of people came to his funeral carrying torches and candles, and it is said that that night was as bright as day. He was buried on the hill of Down at Downpatrick in Ireland, later the Cathedral of Downpatrick was built there. During his forty years of gospel in Ireland, he baptized thousand of converts, opened churches and schools, one college and consecrated another two.

As time passed by, people started to to go to masses on St Patrick's honor the day he died and the participate on parades carrying the green flag with the harp of Tara, also was custom to get together in this day and sing and dance Irish jigs, but not was until 1903 that St Patrick;s day became a holiday in Ireland.

And this is the Story of St Patrick.

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