The legend of why Sun follows moon from the Philippines says that a long time ago, before even humans lived in the land, the sun and the moon were married and shared the sky.

Why the Sun Follows Moo

The moon decided to go and pick up some vegetables to the forest, leaving the sun in charge of their children, but not before warning him not to get close to them, or they would get burned.

The sun, at a safe distance, look over the children, that were sleeping, but he had the urge to kiss them, that he forgot the moon's warning and bended over to kiss them, and when he got close, horrified, sees how they started to melt.

When his wife the moon came back from the forest, she found out that all of her children melted, with the sun nowhere to be found. Time went by and finally the sun decided to come back home, what started as an apologize, ended up in a fight, finishing with the sun throwing the vegetables at the moon's face, who left him forever.

Now even after a lot of years has passed, you can see on the moon's face some vegetables from that fight, all of her children became stars, and still in an attempt to be together again, the sun follows the moon.

And this is the Legend of why always The Sun Follows The Moon.

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