There are different version of the Tagalog creation myth, it depends on the area of the Philippine islands in which you ask about it. Next are three different versions of the creation myth, hope you enjoy them:

Tagalog Creation Myt

One of the Tagalog creation myth says that at the beginning of time, just three gods used to live in the universe: Bathala, the caretaker ofr Earth, on the clouds used to live the Serpent Ulilan Kaluluwa and the wanderer winged God Galang Kaluluwa, but none of them knew about the existence of the others.

Bathala always wanted to create life on Earth but he couldn't because Earth was empty. One day Ulilang Kaluluwa came down to Earth and met Bathala, the Serpent was not happy and challenged Bathala to a fight to decided who would rule the Universe. After three days and nights of fight, Bathala won.

Bathala decided to burn the serpent's body on Earth, after some years later Galang Kaluluwa came to Bathala's home, who welcomed him and they became good friends, living happy for many years.

One day, Galang Kaluluwa got sick and on his death bed, told Bathala to bury him on the same place where the Ulilang Kaluluwa's ashes remained. When the Winged God died, Bathala kept his word and followed his friend's last wish, and from the grave of both Gods, a tall tree with a big nut grew (a coconut tree).

The tree's trunk reminded him the body of his enemy Ulilan Kaluluwa, while the leaves reminded him the wings of his friend. Then Bathala ktook the nut and husked it, then he noticed that the inner skin was hard, but the meat was good. And with this event Bathala realized that Earth was ready to have life.

So he created animals, vegetation and the first man and woman. Bathala made a house for them using the trunk and leaves of the tree, also they learned that the leaves could be use for ropes, mats and many other things. And for food they drank the coconut juice and ate the white meat of it.

Another of the Tagalog creation myth says that Bathala was one of the first entities to live on the universe, along with the North Wind, Amihan and the Sea Goddess Aman Sinaya. These three Gods were created from the collision of the sea and sky.

The three Gods decided that the best would be divide the world, and so the sky went to Bathala, while the sea was reigned by Aman Sinaya and Amihan took the realm in between. After some years passed anger grew between Aman Sinaya and Bathala.

Every day Bathala and Aman Sinaya would try to outdo each other, Bathala using bolts and Aman Sinaya het typhons. Trying to create a big commotion Aman Sinaya sent a big storm towards the sky, but Bathala threw giant bulders from the mountains to try stop her, creating thousands of islands.

Sick of all the fights, Amiham turn herself into a bird, and started to fly back and forth between the sky and sea, making them closer and both realms met, with this, both Gods not to fight anymore and became friends.

The last version of the Tagalog creation myth know, says that at the beginning of time, the Goddess Lakapati lived with her husband Bathala in the heavens, having as neighborrs the stars and moon. One day Lakapati noticed that, even tho Bathala tried to hid it, that he felt his life was empty.

Lakapati decided to make something to make her husband happy, so she went to her garden and using clay and the dew from a banana blossom, she created a big ball, and when it was too big for her hands, she gave it to Bathala, and asked him to finish it

Bathala was really exciting shaping the ball, He gave it mountains,and rivers, then he scattered seeds from the plants that his wife had on her garden, and he gave it the name of Earth. Lakapati was proud of the work her husband did that she decided to place it under the sky, and then made some holes on the sky so the stars could shine through.

And the Lakapati created rain to gave life to the seeds that Bathala placed on Earth.

And these are the three most know Tagalog creation myth.

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