by Dawntravius Washington

Once upon a time, there was a boy and his stuffed bunny. The boy's name was Jack and his bunny's name was Jamal.

Jack was very lonely one day and he wished on a shooting star that Jamal would become living. It did not happen instantly so Jack went to bed sad.

He woke up the next day worried. Jamal was no longer at his side! He searched fervently for Jamal with no luck. He ran downstairs and asked his mother where he was but she did not know. He asked everyone he knew but they did not know either. Jack cried for 153 days until Easter.

Easter was the day he stopped crying when Jamal returned as the Easter Bunny. Jamal discontinued his job as the Easter Bunny to live with Jack for the rest of their lives. This was the story of how the Easter Bunny was born and why we don't see him anymore.

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