The Hook legend starts like this: One night a guy had a date with the girl of his dreams, he only could think about was in taking her to a dark and deserted Lover's Lane on the country, and have a good time.

The Hoo

Once there, he puts the radio on, looking for good music and set the girl in the mood. he leans over her and starts to kiss her, suddenly the music stops and a news flash comes over.

The announcer says that a convicted murderer just escaped from the State Insane Asylum, located pretty close from where the guy took the girl, also that the killer had a hook instead of his right hand.

The girl got really upset and scare, because she thinks the murderer will come and try to hurt them, the guy, trying to calm her down, locks all the doors, but she thought that he might use the hook to break the car's windows.

Finally the guy gave in, thanks to the cries of the girl, upset, he drove her back to her house. He was still so mad at her when they got to her house, that he did not even opened the door for her. When she got out of the car and turned around to close it, she started to scream in horror, because there was a bloody hook hanging on the door.

An alternate version says that a couple were driving accroos the country and decided to stop in the woods to rest for the drive. The guy decides to take a little walk, while his girlfriend stays inside the car to listen some music.

While she was waiting for her boyfriend, she hears on the radio that a mental patient escaped, and that he had a hook instead of his right hand. She got really worry because of this, and because she just noticed that her boyfriend was taking too long to come back, then she heard a thumping on the roof of the car.

She decides to go outside the car and look for him, and when she does, she saw the killer on the roof of the car, holding her boyfriend's decapitated head, hitting the roof with it.

As in various urban legends, there are some variations in this legend:

  • On the first version you read, the couple decides to leave because they heard scrapping on the car door.
  • Another final of the legend of the hook says that the girl finds the boyfriend's body hanging upside down from a tree above the car, with his fingers dangling just above the roof.

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