by Lily
(Nebraska USA)

Once upon a time, there lived a girl and her boyfriend. They lived in a house by the lake. One warm afternoon, they were driving to the Public Pool. When they got there, it was empty.

"It says it's open today," the girl said. The boy shrugged. "Maybe it was a misprint." The girl ripped the paper into pieces. "I can't..." The boy interrupted, "Look over there." The girl looked to the right and screamed.

A man with a knife was marching over to them. "Uh... Sir?" the boy said uncertainly. The man continued towards them, holding the knife at eye level. "Hello," he said. The girl and boy screamed and ran towards the EXIT gate.

BAM! They slammed shut and locked. The girl looked around and then whispered, "Let's go through the front." They dashed towards the front gate and stumbled out. The man stared at them from afar. The girl and boy rushed home, leaving the murderous man behind.

The next morning, the girl decided to go to her boyfriend's house. She drove past the Public Pool, and she looked at it. There, on a bench, sat the murder man.

The girl quickly sped by, trying to act casual. When she was at her boyfriend's house, she rang the doorbell 26 times. When the door opened, the boyfriend's mom greeted her. "Where is he?" the girl asked. The mother sighed and pointed to a casket in the living room. "Oh, he's a vampire," the girl laughed. She peered into the casket. There was her boyfriend, his body all bloody. Who murdered him and when?


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Oct 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

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