The Sacred 6

by Ravon Daquon Wilcox
(Long Island, USA.)

Have you heard of the Legend of the Sacred 6? its an old Legend but a timeless Prophecy.

The 6 Primary Aspects of God. Its about 6 Demi Gods sealed to Humans, all 6 of them are originally one being, the Warrior of Light. All 6 are consecrated to Gods.

The 6 Primary Aspects of God is the Destroyer or Transformer, Chaos, Will, Preserver or Sustainer or Maintainer, Kether/Order and Creator.

The Preserver is the Leader but the Creator is the main character of the story, with 6 Primary Aspects of God there are 6 Primary Powers of the Universe: Dark Magic, Chaos, Ether, the Preserver has all powers and All matters of Healing, Lightning/Fire/Plasma and Divine Light of Creation. Like Humans, the Sacred 6 are of the Stars. but they have their equals, beings from Beyond the Stars.

The Creator was warned by a God who wont reveal himself until the 777th planet is Destroyed by the Saints of Gravity and Void. Earth, the guys from Void get their power from the Darkness, and Void is a God. The Creator is the main character because he is the Cause of everything, he is to bring back the God of the Multiverse and Insanity and the other Ancient Ones sealed in the Earth under water.

The God of the Multiverse and Insanity can destroy the Multiverse and literally everything with a mere thought, but He doesn't plan or have a tracked mind. but the Creator doesn't know if he has to start from scratch to realize his Dream. the Dream that combines all Dreams. to Manifest Beyond. the Home of Infinity. the Boundary that doesn't Bind.

You can't experience IT without the No-thing and the Infinite Combined. The Master of Beyond,His name Is He That Is. and the Creator from the Sacred 6 believes he is the Child Aspect of God.

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Oct 20, 2015
goodness NEW

Oh my goodness, what kind of mystification are occupying your mind& What a range of gods are you preaching about& Please, think well before sharing the detrimental information!

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