The Transquacking Bridge Ghost is a scary legend about a hidden treasure, have you heard about it? No?. Well let me tell you about it:

Transquaking Bidge Ghost

Back in the civil war days, was a slave girl named Big Liz living in Maryland. Her master used to use her along with her fellow slaves to deliver supplies to the soldiers of the South.

One day Big Liz told one of the Union soldiers the places that she was suppose to travel so the shipments were intercepted by the north.

After a few days, her master knew that she was the one that betrayed him and plotted to murder her. He was really rich and was scared that all of his money could be stolen if the Yankees take the area in where he used to live, so he order the slave girl to help him out taking some money into a swamp nearby and bury it there.

While Big Liz was working smoothing the dirt, her master cut her head off with a knife. He left her in that place, returning to his plantation not saying a word of what happened. Later he was killed and no one in this days has reclaim his money.

Now, if you are thinking about go and take the money for yourself, this is what you should do: There is a bridge in Transquaking river, park on the bridge and turn off the car, and honk three times. Now start your car, but it won't work, then Big Liz will appear holding her head in her hands, now you should follow her to the swamp and she will lead you where all the money its hidden, now lets see if you have the nerve to dig up and take the money with nothing but Big Liz as a company.

And this is the Legend of the Transquaking Bridge.

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