The legend Of how Glooscap turns bad into good says that a long time ago, he came in from the water of the sea riding his canoe, made of stone.

Glooscap Turns Bad Into Goo

Glooscap was running aground of what is known now as St. John River, Glooscap was chasing two giant beavers, so he could try to stop them of create any trouble to anybody.

He thought on build a dam on the Reversing Falls, so the beavers could not go up to the river, but did not work, and the beavers were able to travel to the "Beautiful River", now call St John River.

Glooscap was furious for this, so he took two stones and threw them to the beavers, one of them landed a long way up in the river, and became what is known now Grand Falls.

The other stone was able to hit one of the beavers, landing in a room area, this area is call now Plaster Rock and even on these days, if you look close, you can see red clay, which came from the blood of the animal.

Glooscap, wise as always usually used to turns bad things or animals into good, for example, a long time ago, even before he built the Mactaquac Dam, he used the ledges to hold on when he felt, he even left his image on the rocks.

Another spot where you can see Glosscap's work, is where he left his snowshoes, which were transformed later into the Snowshoes Islands. All of the places above are sacred.

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