Some Valentines day traditions just like every other holiday, are really fun to do, but what if you do not know any tradition? Well keep reading so you have an idea in what to do.

Valentines Tradition

But there is also some Valentines day traditions that might help you to find love in this day, also some forgotten activities that would be nice to bring back, and are guarantee to make everyone special and have a good time. Some of the traditions that are follow for the countries that celebrate this holiday are:

  • In England, young girls used to put their names on a piece of paper and then inside of a box, then a young guy would take out one of the names, put it on his sleeve and be the girl's protector for the whole year.
  • In some countries, if a woman receives a piece of clothing from a man, and keeps it, it means she will marry him.
  • In some parts of England, children would dress up as adults and sing from home to home the next:

    Good morning to you Valentine;
    Curl your locks as I done mine
    Two before one and three behind
    Good morning to you, Valentine

  • As you might know already, people exchange letters or poems, also called "Valentines", also you can give cards.
  • One of the most common traditions its go out on a date with the person you love to a romantic evening, then a candle light dinner.
  • It is custom to give women either flowers, chocolates or cards, but lately its also a tradition to give jewelry.
  • When you give flowers, you have to keep in mind that each flower has a different meaning, let me tell you the meaning of each one of them:

  1. ANEMONE: Dying love.
  2. DAISY: Innocence.
  3. FORGET-ME-NOT: True love.
  4. FUCHSIA: Elegance.
  5. LILY: Purity.
  6. PANSY: Loving thoughts.
  7. PERIWINKLE: Early friendship.
  8. POPPY: Consolation.
  9. SNOWDROP: Hope.
  10. SUNFLOWER: Warmth or feeling.
  11. TULIP: If its red, a powerful love, yellow means hopeless love.

Some men like to give a dozen of roses (some just one), and just like the last point, each color has a meaning:

  • MOSS ROSE: I admire you from afar.
  • ORANGE: I love you vigorously.
  • PINK: Innocent love and happiness.
  • PURPLE: I will love you forever.
  • RED: True love.
  • WHITE: I love you not.
  • WILD ROSE: Uncontrollable desire.
  • YELLOW: Jealousy.

Also you there is some Valentines day traditions that might help you find the love of your life, or just to help you out to be with the person you might desire, and some of those traditions are:

  • Some people believe that if you visit a cemetery on St. Valentine eve at midnight, and walk around the church twelve times, you will dream that night of your future husband/wife.
  • On Valentine's night, if you go to a spot near your love's bedroom window and whisper their name three times into the wind, you will gain his/her love.
  • If you want to know who you will marry, on Valentines Day, think of five names you want to marry to, as you twist the stem of an apple, recite the names of these people until the stem comes off, and you will marry the person whose name you were saying when the stem fell off.
  • If you want to see in your dreams who would be the person who will be with you for the rest of your life, on Valentines day eve, you should eata hard-boiled egg, and also put five bay leaves in your pillow, this is one of the old Valentines day traditions that are forgotten, but it was very popular during the 17th century.

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