The Visayan creation myth says that many years ago, at the beginning of time, there was no stars, sun, land or moon, and the world was only water and the sky above it. Maguayan was the ruler of the water, and the sky was Kaptan's.

Visayan Creation Myt

Both Gods had children, Lidagat, the sea, was Maguayan's daughter, Kaptan's son was the wind, Lihangin. Both Gods agreed for their children to get married.

From this marriage, four kids were born, three boys and one girl:

  • Likalibuta: He had body of rock, also was the strongest and most brave of all.
  • Liadlao: He was always happy, he was made of gold.
  • Libulan: His body was made of copper, his personality was timid and weak.
  • Lisuga: She was beautiful and her body was pure silver, also she was gentle and sweet.

Sadly, Lihangin died, leaving the control of the wings to Likalibutan, a few days later died as well. However, the kids were not left alone, because their grandparents Maguayan and Kaptan took care of them.

The Visayan creation myth says that the kids grew and became beautiful adults, Likalibutan grew so proud of his powers, that he decided he needed more power, so he decided to attack Kaptan in the sky realm to earn it, and so, he asked his brothers for help. At first Liadlao did not want to help, but scared of the anger of his brother, he join him along with Libulan.

As soon as they got to the sky, they found it closed by some gates made of steel. Using the winds, Likalibutan blew them away and headed into the sky. But then, the brothers faced something worst, the angry Kaptan, who sent three bolts of lightning to the brothers while they were trying to run away.

When Libulan was struck with the bolt, he melted into a ball of copper, also the golden Liadlao was melted when he was struck by the lightning. Likalibutan body was broke into pieces for the hit, and many of these pieces felt into the sea creating land.

While this was happening on the sky, Lisuga was worried about her siblings, and went to the sky to ask for help to find them, but as she was walking to the broken doors, Kaptan, still blinded with anger, sent another bolt towards her, breaking her beautiful silver body into pieces.

The Visayan creation myth continues saying that after this was done, Kaptan went down and called Maguayan, accusing him of planning the attack. Maguayan told him he knew nothing and calmed the angry Kaptan. Both Gods then cried the death of their grandchildren and even with all of their power, they could not bring them back to life. But they gave to each body a light, that will shine forever.

Thanks to this light, Liadlao became the sun, Libulan the moon, while the silver pieces from the body of Lisuga turned into the stars. To Likalibutan's body was no light, but his body was the support of a new race: humans. Maguayan then took a seed that was given by Kaptan and planted it on one of the islands.

From that seed, the Visayan creation myth continues, a bamboo grew and from the hollow of its branches the first man Sikalak and woman, Sikabay were born, and they became the parents of human race. Their first child was a boy and they called him Libo, after some time they also had a daughter named Saman.

Finally they had another soon called Pandaguan, who was very clever and was the first one to know how to catch fish. The first thing he caught was a shark, it was so great and fierce, that he thought was a God and told his people to worship it as one. When his people started to do it, the Gods came down and ordered to Pandagua to throw back the shark and worship them.

Pandagua, who was not afraid, thought that if he was able to take down a shark as big as the Gods, he could take them down as well. When Kaptan knew of this, he sent a weak bolt to Pandagua, to teach him a lesson. And as a punishment to his people, they were scattered all over the earth.

Pandaguan did not die, after thirty days of lying on the ground, he regained his strength, but his body was black from the hit of the bolt and his descendants became the tribe known as Negritos (dark-skinned people).

And this is the Visayan Creation Myth.

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