A long time ago, the Wind Eagle legend says, Woodchuck used to live on a lodge beside the big water with her grandson Gluscabi. One day Gluscabi thought on go and hunt some ducks, and so he took his bows and arrows and started to paddle in his canoe singing:

Wind Eagl

Ki yo wah ju neh
Yo hey ho hey
Ki yo wah ji neh
Ki yo wah ji neh

But when he was almost at the hunting spot, a strong wind blew him back to the shore. Again he started to paddle into the river, singing his song a little harder, but again the wind took him back to the shore.

Gluscabi, upset, walked into the lodge and asked to Woodchuck: "Grandmother, what makes the wind blow?". Grandmother Woodchuck looked at him and replied: "I know when you ask these questions, they will be trouble, and you are so stubborn that you won't stop asking, so I shall tell you. Walk always facing the wind and you will come where Wuchowsen lies".

Gluscabi thanked her grandmother, went out of the lodge, and started to walk facing the wind. When he walked through the woods, the wind blew hard, when he got to the valleys, the wind blew harder and when finally came to the mountains, the wind was blowing at its hardest.

The wind was so strong at that moment, that it blew Gluscabi's moccasins, and then his shirt, and then all of his clothing as he was still walking, but he was so determined to get to Wuchowsen that he kept walking, even tho the wind also blew off all of his hair and eyebrowns.

As Gluscabi was pulling himself and climbing the mountain, th wind was blowing so hard that he could barely stand. Finally at the peak of the mountain, he saw a great bird flapping his wings: The Wind Eagle, Wuchowsen.

Taking a deep breath, Gluscabi shouted: "GRANDFATHER!". When the Wind Eagle looked around, and saw Gluscabi, he stopped his wings. Then Gluscabi kept going: "I came to tell you that you are doing a great job making the wind blow".

Proud of himself for what he just heard, the Wind Eagle asked: "You mean like this?", and again he flapped his wings with even more force than before, lifting Gluscabi off his feet. After a while the Eagle stopped.

Gluscabi came closer to Wuschowsen and said to him: "Like I said grandfather, you do a good job making the wind blow, but I think you would make a better job on that peak". Wuchowsen looked at the peak Gluscabi was pointing, and asked: "Maybe so, but I don't know how would I get there".

"I will take you there", said Gluscabi while grabbing Wuchowsen. Using a carrying strap, he wrapped the Eagle on his side. When he was heading to the peak, he found a crevice, and as he stepped over it, he let the Eagle go, sliding down into the crevice, getting the Eagle stuck.

Gluscabi then thought that with no wind to bother him, he would be able to go and hunt again, so he started walking back through the valleys, and the woods. When he got back to his lodge, he had his hair and eyebrown back, got into his canoe and got into the river.

But there was a problem, the air was hot, and Gluscabi could not breath, also the water on the river started to smell bad and created foam. Gluscabi went inside the lodge and asked his grandmother if she knew what was wrong.

"What have you done Gluscabi?", Grandmother Woodchuck asked, Gluscabi then told her about his visit to the Wind Eagle. Woodchuck then told her grandson that The Owner put the Wind Eagle to blow the wind, this way the air stays clean and cool, and with no wind, life would not be good for anybody.

After this explanation, Gluscabi went again to the mountains in which Wuchowsen was, finally he came to the foothills and he started to climb. When he made it to the crevice, he called out: "Uncle?". Wuchowsen looked up and said: "Who calls me?".

"What are you doing down there?", Gluscabi asked. "Oh my boy, an ugly naked man with no hair came and said he would take me to the other peak so i could make a better job, but as he stepped over the crevice, he dropped me". Gluscabi replied: "Oh grandfa.. err, uncle, I will help you out".

Gluscabi pulled the Wind Eagle out and put him back on his old spot, then he said: "Uncle, some times is good that the wind blows, but other times its good that it should be still". Wuchowsen agreed to this, and this is why sometimes there is wind, and other days is still.

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