The Yokut creation myth starts like this: A long time ago, there was a Great Flood that covered Earth with water, there was no living creatures on the land. One day a big Eagle glided from the sky with a black Crow on its back, searching for a place to land.

Yokut Creation Myt

Finally the Eagle found a tree stump, in which he landed to rest, it was big enough for Eagle and Crow. From there they could see the serene gray water and bright blue sky.

Looking at the fishes leaping out of the water, which were food from time to time for the birds, they came up with the idea for a game, the goal was to see who catches the most, but at the end, always shared the prize.

Everyday Eagle and Crow would fly on different directions looking for land, but found none, and they always wondered "How can we make land?". One morning, a duck was swimming around the stump, diving deep catching fishes every time, but one time, instead of fish, he had mud.

Eagle and Crow were really excited and thought: "Maybe Duck could bring enough mud for us to create land, and how could we could tell Duck that we needed mud the most?". And then, Eagle came up with an idea:

"Maybe if we give fish to Duck, he will bring us more mud than fish". After various attempts, both birds caught fish and put it on the edge of the stump, until Duck knew that these fishes were for him, in exchange of the mud, it was a slow but steady progress.

Eagle and Crow were impress and happy at how much mud Duck was bringing every day, in bird talk they said: "Duck is helping to create the New World, and this will we share equally". Also, the birds noticed that the water was getting lower every time.

Each day, Duck kept his good work, while Eagle flew in search of dry land. One day Eagle was looking at his pile of mud, but when looked across at Crow's pile, and he noticed that Crow gave himself twice as much mud, Eagle asked him: "This is your idea of share the New World equally?".

Both birds quarreled about it, but the next day went back to work. Eagle thought he should catch up, so he gave two fishes to Duck, which brought mud twice to Eagle, but Crow never noticed what Eagle was doing.

One morning, both birds looked down and saw land!, giving them hope that soon would be dry land for the New World. But wasn't so easy because that night a heavy rain felt, so Eagle and Crow dug holes into the sides of the mud piles to protect them, but the rain continued all night, washing away most of the mud.

The Yokut creation myth says when the rain stopped, Eagle and Duck saw an arc of many colors going from one edge of the horizon to the other, Eagle flew to have a closer look, returning when the arc disappeared. Eagle and Crow decided that the rain was a clearing shower, and they started the New World again.

Day by day the water backed up, showing the New Creation, Crow's half was big, but not as big as Eagle's. The Yokut creation myth says that the Eagle's half became what we call now New Sierra Nevada Mountains, while Crow's half are known as the Coast Mountain Rage.

And this is the Yokut Creation Myth.

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