In the beginning, says the Yoruba creation myth, was only the sky above, and below marshland and water. The chief God Olorun was the ruler in the sky, and the Goddess Olokun ruled the belows. Obatala, another God, went to Olorun and asked for permission to create dry land for all kinds of living creatures to live in it. Olorun granted his request, and so he went for advice in Orunmila, oldest son of Olorun and the God of Prophecy.

Yoruba Creation Myt

He was told he would need a bag with the next items: gold chain big enough for him to reach below, a snail's shell full with sand, a white hen, a black cat and a palm nut. All the Gods helped Obatala with all the gold they had to create the golden chain, and Orunmila gave the artifacts for the bag. When everything was ready, Obatala hung the chain from a corner of the sky, took the bag, and started the climb below.

When he reached the end of the chain, he saw that still was some distance for him to go. Orunmila told him from above to pour the sand from the snail's shell, and immediately release the white hen. Doing what he was told, pur the sand and later drop the hen, which as soon as it landed on the sand began to scratch and scatter around it about. Wherever the sand landed it formed dry land, the big piles became hills while the small ones became valleys.

The Yoruba creation myth says that Obatala then jumped to a hill and named the place Ife. The dry land now extended as far as he could see. Later he dug a hole and planted the palm nut, which grew to a mature state in a blink of an eye. The palm tree then dropped more palm nuts in the ground, which grew immediately, repeating the process.

Obatala settle down in the dry land with the black cat for company. Months passed by and Obatala grew bored. He then decided to create beings like himself for company. He dug one more time in the sand founding clay which he used to mold figures and started in his task, but then again got bored of this and decided to take a break.

He went to a close palm tree and made wine our of it, drinking bowl after bowl. Without knowing he was drunk went back to his creation of a being; sadly they had a lots of imperfections. Still with no idea of his mistakes, he then called out to Olorun to give life to his creations. The next day he realized what he had done and swore never drink again and take care of those who were deformed, becoming Protector Of The Deformed.

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